Thursday, November 20, 2008


I've got things pretty much apart now and wanted to get them cleaned up enough so I can handle the parts without getting grimy. A couple of hours with a wire brush and some solvent will do wonders. Next steps are to get the frame blasted and powder coated so I've started looking for someone local do do those steps for me. My Tiger Cub Bible arrived today so I'm going to spend a bit of time learning and planning the next steps. I also made a list of missing parts today. It's quite long. I may have to divide it into essentials: needed to get the bike operational; and non-essentials: everything else necessary to get it road legal. It doesn't look much like a motorcycle anymore, just a jumble of parts strewn about my garage. I'm going to have to start planning a bit and prioritizing my work in order keep making steady progress.

Here are a few shots of the cleaned up engine and frame. I think the next steps will be opening up those cases to see what work lies ahead on the engine. I'm tired of cleaning things.

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