Sunday, November 16, 2008

Disassembly Starts

Disassembly started right after the wash. First was the tank. I wanted to get it off to find out how much stuff there was inside - because the cap was missing when I got the bike. There were olive pits and a few feathers in the tank, along with a LOT of dirt and rust but not too bad. I'll have to get it cleaned inside and sealed up before any fuel can go back in but that is quite a long time from now.

Next was to hit every nut and bolt with penetrating oil so they could soak while I traced down the wiring and took a bunch of pictures for reference and to have a good record of 'before' pictures.

  • gas tank
  • rear shocks
  • rear fender
  • oil tank
  • oil lines
  • chain
  • throttle and cable
  • carburator

More disassembly Monday night.

Did I mention that I've never done this before and don't know anything about this bike. I ordered the "Triumph Tiger Cub Bible" last night. It "normally ships in 24 hours", so help is on the way, so to speak. It's going to be quite an adventure.

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