Monday, November 30, 2009

Better Weather

Well, the weather has been better for working in the garage for quite some time now (at least two months) but I haven't really done any work.

I have made a few advances but I'm nowhere close to where I had hoped, even conservatively. I have rebuilt forks, minus gaiters; rebuilt wheels, minus brake shoes; and a frame that's primed but not painted. In order to get the rolling chassis finished I need the parts just mentioned and rear shocks. I've been putting off the purchases until after my Christmas shopping is finished so I'm planning to do some real work on the bike again in January - provided I don't overspend on presents for the kids.

I've managed to find a local guy to do the cylinder rebore and fit a new piston. There are a couple of place specializing in engine rebuilds who are willing and able to do some of the engine work I'm not setup to compelte. I was hoping to find someone local so I didn't have to spend money shipping heavy engine parts around the country but it's been difficult finding someone local. I think I'll spend some time in January doing some searching before shipping parts around.

Consider yourself updated on the latest. I'll try to get a few picture of the rebuilt forks and wheels. They've turned out pretty good. I'm pleased with them at any rate and that's what counts.

Happy Holidays.


  1. Gymx
    It's looking good. Did you check the off set of the rear wheel when you laced it?
    I'm doing a 63 Cub . Let me know if I can be of help.


  2. I measured the offset when I took the wheels apart and reset to that spec when I re-laced them. As soon as I get some rear shocks, fork gaiters, and brake shoes I'll get the roller back together and can check for sure if I've got the offset correct. Thanks.