Saturday, March 6, 2010

FINALLY, moving ahead again

I didn't get anything done last weekend as I had planned. I blame the rain but I could have painted in the garage. I didn't want overspray on everything so I opted out. I was busy with a lot of other stuff so I'm using the rain as my excuse for the week.

This weekend I got started early, Thursday actually. I managed to get things setup in the back yard and sprayed the rear sub-frame, sidestand, and pillion support (one of them). They turned out pretty well. I'm using Krylon from a can and am trying to be as patient as possible, spraying multiple light coats with a bit of drying time between each. This method seems to be working so I'm sticking with it. I think I'm going to tackle the tank and fenders using this method too. I'm getting ahead of myself.

Last night I started spraying the frame. I'm being even more careful with it as more of it is going to show when the bike is back together. I sprayed one side and the top last night. I'll be spraying the other side and the bottom later this weekend. It's supposed to rain again here tomorrow so I'm hoping to spray some again today. Who would have thought that RAIN would be hindering my progress HERE, IN PHOENIX! We get an average of 9 inches a year. That's effectively none but it's falling at the wrong times for me.

Oh well. I'm making progress again and feel good about it. I'll get some pictures and will post them soon.

Safe riding.

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  1. What a great blog mate, my cub is also coming along nicely which i started a month ago just welding up a few bits and bobs, well done on the work so far she looks grand.