Thursday, May 10, 2012

Starting On The Carburetor

While I wait for parts to arrive in the mail to finish up engine assembly I decided to get started on the carburetor rebuild.  The carb. on the Triumph is an Amal 376.  I ordered a complete rebuild kit.  All the o-rings, washers, gaskets, and a new float valve.  All of the jets looked shockingly clean so I didn't order new ones.  I may regret that later but they're not hard to get and I'm not under any real time pressure.

I took a LOT of pictures.  Even though I have a parts manual and a service manual for the bike I've found having pictures when you start reassembly to be worth the few minutes it takes to capture them.  It also gives me good visuals for my blog posts, which would be boring without without them.

To that end.  Here is a before shot of the carburetor to compare with an after shot which I'll take once I'm done.  So far I've only got the tear-down complete and some of the parts washed.  I'll start polishing up the body next.  Not looking for a really shiny finished product but, as you can see from the picture, it's pretty oxidized and dirty right now.
Amal 376 - Before
Amal 376 - Before


  1. Have you got near to finishing this project ?
    I would be interested in knowing how do got on with the carb cable ( top ) and the frame tube cross member .
    There is no space for it ?

  2. You're probably figured this out by now but there is plenty of space for the cable. The cable exist the carb top just to the left (riders left) of the top frame tube. It snuggles right up there between the tube and the tank. There is a bend after the exit from the carb but it isn't too sharp and the throttle cable slides freely in the housing, snapping the slide shut easily then the throttle is released.