Thursday, December 4, 2008


The head removed
It took a lot of penetrating oil and a LOT of time but I managed to remove the head last night. One of the studs had some rust and was not releasing. After a day or two of squirting rust-eater into the hole I could get the head to wiggle a bit. A LOT of wiggling, pulling, tapping and patience and the rust FINALLY let go and the head was free.

I'm almost done dismantling everything and can start cleaning parts soon. I'm waiting on a tool to remove the clutch. I ordered one last week and hope it arrives in a few more days. With the clutch removed I can split the cases and get the crank out. I also need to get a spring compressor to remove the valves and rockers. When all of that is done I can start cleaning everything, determine what needs to be replaced, and start collecting parts.

I think I'm going to find some local help to get the engine squared away. I'd love to do all the work myself but I just don't have the tools for the piston and crank work I think I'm going to need. I also don't have the expertise to know exactly what needs to be done. I'm reading a lot and learning a lot but at some point experience is needed. Ideally, I'll find someone local who has the expertise and doesn't mind me 'helping' so I can learn how to do some of the work next time.

That's scary, I've barely begun and I already know this won't be the last motorcycle I'll restore.

I'm at the stage where I need to put together a plan for this project. I'm torn between engine or rolling chassis first. I've found a few places to get the frame blasted and powdercoated. I may go visit some next week to get some quotes and possibly get that work started.
This picture is about where I want to end up. It is reported to be a 1965 but it has the same color scheme as mine so I'm using it as motivation and as a template for where I'm headed.

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