Monday, January 5, 2009

Wheel Rebuild Started

I must have been bored during my holiday break because I decided the wheels on the Cubbie were in need of more than a clean-up. I've removed all the spokes from the rear, liberating the hub so it can be thoroughly cleaned and repainted. I can also get the remaining rust off of the rim and polish it more easily without the spokes in the way.

Before I disassembled the front I measured the offsets and took a LOT of pictures so I'm fairly confident I can get it back together. I've built bicycle wheels and they're really the same except for the size and gauge of the spokes.

Only one spoke snapped during disassembly. I am hoping to polish everything for reuse but some of the nipples are very badly rusted. I like the idea of putting the bike back together with as many original parts as possible but only if I'm left with a clean, safe cycle.

The front rim is a bit bent but I hope to be able to straighten it and keep it trued up as I relace the wheel. If not I'm sure someone will sell me a shiny new chrome one. I didn't start on it because I don't have a spoke wrench of the proper size. One more tool to add to the set. I didn't have a spoke wrench for the rear spokes either but I had a combination wrench that fit the spoke nipples perfectly. I may be purchasing a wrench for the front tomorrow and spending some quality time with it tomorrow night.

I'm just about at the stage that I can start having parts painted. The plan of attack is to to get a rolling chassis finished first, starting with the wheels. Then work on the engine, electronics, and finally the finishing touches like cables, seat, lights, wiring and the hundred other things I'm forgetting. LOTS yet to be done but I'm really enjoying the process.

Much, much more to come later.
Happy New Year!

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