Monday, February 16, 2009

A Bit Of A Diversion

It's been a while since my last post and I've not made great progress. I've been sanding and refinishing a few miscelaneous parts but don't have a defined plan of action. I'm a bit hung up about deciding what to do next and exactly how to proceed. I would like to get a rolling chassis finished first then concentrate on the engine work. In order to have a rolling frame I need something for it to roll on so the wheels seem like a good next step.

I think what's causing my delay is the inability to decide whether to order an entire new set of spokes for the rear wheel or just to order the three or four replacement spokes I need. I have a source for the spokes, single or set, and would like to just order the ones I need. My fear is that they won't look like the originals in finish and then I'll end up needing an entire set anyway. I suppose I just need to place the order, get the new spokes, and assess the situation from there. Ok, now that I've written it down it seems like the best way to get things moving again.
The other item that's causing me a but of delay is one of my other motorcycles. I have a 1995 Husaberg FE350 that's been in semi-running shape for several years. Its sidestand was broken for a long time, making trips with it impractical as I couldn't park it without a post or a wall to lean it against. I need to get it past emissions testing to get the license updated and it failed the last time I took it in for the check. I had a friend fix the sidestand and I've done quite a bit of work and money into her to get her back on the road and trail. I really need to get the 'berg finished completely before I can concentrate on the Cub. I've been trying to split my time and attention between them and neither are getting finished.

Plan of action: This week I'm going to get the Husaberg done so I can get her to emissions for another test. If she passes I'm off to the DMV for a new plate and she'll be done. If she fails I think I'm going to have to rebuild the top end - at least pay some attention to the valves. I'm tired of spending money on this bike but when I'm done I'll have a pretty good enduro which I can take out into the desert for some fun. That's what's motivating me to get her back into reliable running order and why I bought the bike in the first place.

So... hopefully I'll be back to the Cub in a couple of weeks. Here are a few pictures of my Husaberg. She was in pretty rough shape before I started working on her but I don't haven any before pictures, just during and after. I've taken her completely apart, rattle-can painted the frame, cleaned and polished things, and put a new wiring harness on her. She's also got a new sidestand and a rebuilt shock. Still needs a new seat cover and she'll be as done as a Husaberg can get.

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