Sunday, April 26, 2009

Making Wheel Progress Now

Triumph Cub Wheel
Originally uploaded by Gym_x

One Triumph Tiger Cub wheel mostly restored. I've still to get the brakes installed but I've painted the hub, polished the rims, cleaned up the spokes and nipples, and relaced the wheel. It still needs to be trued up, and for that I must build a truing stand for the bench, but I'm very pleased. There is still one missing spoke because I couldn't find a replacement and wouldn't spend the money for an entire set for just one spoke. Yes, the new spokes would be shiny and new looking but my goal is to use as much of the old bike as possible. Once I find a replacement spoke I can get it fit by only removing two of the other spokes, not too bad.

The next step is to get the brake outer plate painted so I can get the brake and speedometer gear in place. I'm going with colors as close to original as Dupli-color can get me. I think I'll stop at the shop tonight and might do some painting after work.

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