Monday, April 20, 2009

Wow! No posts for quite a while.

What have I been doing? Well... nothing on the cub. To be honest I have done a couple of small things but nothing 'blog-worthy'. I primed the frame. Now everything that I've prepped has at least one coat of primer and some are ready for the color coats.
I've been busy with other things lately and haven't spent any time in the garage. I'm planning to fix that this weekend by getting the hubs painted and the wheels rebuilt. I've got a bicycle to take care of for my dauther this week or I'd start sooner. That is the way it's been going lately. I think I'm ready to move ahead on the cub then something else comes up. It's going to get hot soon here in Phoenix and then it'll be very hard to get anything done. When it's over 100F outside it's over 100F inside my garage too. I may look into a small evaporative cooler this year. We'll see.
Since I haven't done anything I don't have any pictures to post either. I hope to be back to blogging more regularly - at least weekly - starting this weekend.

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