Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Let's get this thing back on track

Well, it's been quite some time since an update was made here.  Since this is my first restoration project I can't compare my progress to past persona experience.  From reading about other people's restorations it seems as though there are two types, in general.  Those who get a bike, collect everythign they need to restore it, then set about doing the work in, more or less, one continuous stream.  The second type are those who get a bike, do some work, have a delay for whatever reason, get back to it, have another delay, maybe waiting for work or parts, then make more progress.  I have definately fallen into the second type.

Like some others my work is fairly seasonal, although opposite of most.  I can't work in my garage in the summertime because it's too hot.  Mostly I read about people not working the winter because they don't have a heated space in which to work.

I'd REALLY like to be able to ride this bike by the end of this year! The weather is good. I've got some funding for my project, having sold a bike, and I'm making progress again.  Step one.

It's pretty much like it was after my last post.  The rolling chassis is still sitting in my garage ready for more part to be bolted onto it.  I sent the barrel and head out to a machinst who rebored the cylinder, provided me with a new piston, fitted new valve guides and valves the reassembled the head with some other new parts and gaskets.  He also blasted and painted the cylinder so it should be ready for reassembly to the lower end.

I sealed my gas tank with a 2-part epoxy last weekend.  That process was fairly simple and as described in the instructions.  Now it's ready for sanding then painting.

Engine reassembly.  I have to remove the old bearings from the cases and order a hi-gear bearing before reassembly can begin.  Everything is apart and cleaned up so it should just be a matter of fitting everything back together.  I'd like to build an engine stand so I can do the engine work on the bench, instead of in the frame.  That may just be more work than I want to do, however. It's far easier to just put the bike up on the bench, so we'll see.

There you have it, an update at last. Hopefully it won't be months before the next one.  I promise pictures too.

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  1. Hey your're back! like you say, sometimes there are real long periods of inactivity on a bike project. I've just started a blog and I'm going to embark on a couple of 650 Triumphs.My projects span many years, but hopefully with a blog going it'll spur me on. I've been following your cub project because of the link at GBC's Cubbie blog. In my case I have many projects that have accummulated over the years, so I don't have a lack of things to blog on about. Now I'm armed with a new puter, printer,copier,scanner...and almost have a clue about how all this works. Your bike's looking good and can't wait to see it running!