Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Head and Barrel

In order to get things moving forward again I sent some parts off to a machinist who specializes in restorations and has experience with old Triumphs, some of them Cubs.  I packed up the head, barrel and old piston and sent them off to Baxter Cycle in Marne, Iowa.  About 5 days after dropping the box off at the post office I got a call from their machinst.  After a brief chat about my options and extimated costs we had a plan.  The very next day the phone rang and my parts were ready to be shipped back.  In the reassembled head I had: 2 new valves, 2 new valve guides, miscelaneous washers and a cleaned and painted head.  The barrel got a re-bore and a new piston and rings to match.  It was also cleaned up and painted to match the head.

This post can't go without a few pictures.
As you can see, Baxter Cycle did great work and I was shocked how quickly they got my little job finished up.
I've got to get some parts ordered so I can start reassembly.  There is still the hi-gear bearing to remove from the case and some general cleanup but that can happen while I wait for parts to arrive.  I'd better get ordering.
More pictures again next time.

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  1. Nice work. I like that. See for my TY175 and NVT125 Resto's. I've added a link to yours. Regards simon