Sunday, April 15, 2012

Engine Work Gets Going... Finally

Engine 1
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I finally got the engine work started again on my Cub. Working on a friends old BMW this weekend was the motivation I needed to get moving.  That and the wife being out of town provided the inspiration and opportunity for some serious garage time.

The first photo is the engine as I left it on  the bench after today's work.  I started with the cases just having received their new bearings and seals.  I did that work but by bit over the past few weeks.  Today I installed the crank, rejoined the cases, installed the gearset, oil pump, cam, timing gears, tappets (or cam-followers, or lifters or whatever other term you want to use), and installed the inner cover.  I think that covers it.  No issues really, other than the main shaft binding when I tightened up the inner cover.  Had an extra washer on the mainshaft which caused the binding.

There is still a looooong way to go but I'm happy with the progress today.   Here are more pictures from the day.

CrankCases Gears1
I did have one other problem. The oil level tube on the drain plug had a bit of a hole. Have to get a new one on the way before I fill her up with oil.

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