Monday, April 16, 2012

Two In A Row!

Two posts in two days! Can you believe it?! With the progress I made yesterday I decided to keep the momentum going by doing a little work tonight after dinner. I finished up the gear case side of the engine, stopping short of sealing it up until I'm closer to 'done'. Then flipped it over and fitted the clutch basket, drive gear, primary chain and rotor. I didn't think this would take much time but, like everything else with this project, it did. Party because I'm careful to check everything two and three times to be sure it's right before proceeding. I can't claim to be in any hurry now and if being methodical saves me a tear-down and rebuild because I missed something I'm better off anyway.

I'm not making predictions but I don't have anything planned for tomorrow evening so I may go 3 for 3!

Only one picture tonight. Nothing very interesting really. I'm getting to the timing and ignition which should be more interesting. What would we do without Ziploc Bags? I forgot how much my hands hurt after doing this type of work.

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