Saturday, August 4, 2012

Engine Home To Roost

First I just want to say it's HOT in my garage.  The temp here today was 106.  It was all of that in my garage but I thought I could stand a few minutes to drop the engine back into the frame.  Nothing ever goes as planned so I spent about an hour sweating and cursing before getting the engine nestled back into the frame.

Triumph did NOT plan for this engine to be easily removed or replaced.  The lower oil drain bolt interferes at the bottom and the cylinder head interferes at the top.  Couple that with the fact that I'm working alone in a hot garage with the bike on the ground and you have for  a frustrating process.  The one thing that did go well was that I didn't mash even one finger.  I'm either getting better at this stuff or was lucky today.

There's more to tell but I'll save that for another time and will just add a few pictures. There's nothing wrong with your eyes or computer. I blurred the background to save myself the embarrassment of the cluttered garage. EngInFrame1_r EngInFrame3_r


  1. Hello,
    Are you still working on your restoration. I have just purchased a 1967 T20M and would like to communicate with you. Thanks! Kerry

    1. Still working on it... once in a while. It's been too hot to work in the garage all summer and the past couple of winters have been too busy. I hope to have the bike running in the next month or two.