Monday, September 21, 2015

I Understand Now

I used to read restoration blogs that spanned years and thought to myself, "how can someone take so long to rebuild a bike?".  I didn't think I'd be here, seven years in, without a finished product.  Hell, I thought I'd be riding the thing after the first 12 months and have sold it to start something else!

Well, here I am, years!! past my "hoped for" completion date, still no finished bike, no progress made in a couple years, the bike a thorn in my side and  taking space I could use for other things.

The weather here is starting to get cool enough to work in the garage and I need to get this project out of my life.  The goal now, different from when I started, is simply to get the bike running and road-worthy, leaving it to someone else to provide the finishing touches to complete the restoration.

Hopefully, there isn't that much left to do.  The engine work is done - provided it will start and run without discovering something internal that still needs attention. I need to finish building my wiring harness, add hoses for fuel and oil, add said liquids, then try to start it.  If it actually starts and runs I'm golden, almost. I still need to get a seat.

I hope my next post will be soon, show great progress, and a couple photos.  Photos are always fun.

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